Increase revenue without hard-selling

Be your client’s most trusted advisor

Enjoy stimulating work that garners high fees

Simple step-by-step procedures for success


Oodles LLC offers a licensed system called the Complete Advisory Solution that allows accountants to deliver Business Advisory Services, even if you have no experience. Offering Business Advisory Services creates a rich new profit center for you to expand your practice. It’s all about facilitating profitable planning meetings with your clients, vastly stretching your range of services. If you can do a tax return, you can do this, because our step-by-step materials guide you through the entire process. This licensed system provides apps and templates for you to facilitate high-profit meetings with your clients. Topics focus on specific client goals and situations such as:

  • Profit Improvement 
  • Top Line Growth 
  • Key Performance 
  • Risk Management  
  • Team Engagement 
  • Innovation 
  • Culture and Brand 
  • Wealth from Business 
  • Personal Goals 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Annual Strategic Review
  • Strategic Planning for New Businesses
  • Annual Wealth Tracker
  • Entrepreneurial Wealth Tracker
  • Personal Wealth Tracker

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Scripts and meeting agendas guide you through every step of delivering high-fee Business Advisory Services on each of these topics and many others. The system gives you step-by-step guidance for facilitating topic-specific billable meetings that help clients gain strategic insights. Become your clients' most-trusted advisor and reap the rewards: new clients; new and differentiated revenue streams; and deeper client relationships that boost referrals and lock in clients for life. The licensed Complete Advisory Solution is a system designed for accountants with no prior training in Business Advisory Services. Uncover the hidden potential in your firm!