Complete Advisory Solution

Helping Accountants Help Clients

The Complete Advisory Solution allows accountants to deliver Business Advisory Services, even if you have no experience.  The system is designed for accountants who enjoy consulting but don’t enjoy hard selling. We all know that the best way to grow a business is by securing more work from existing clients because the relationship already exists – no hard selling required. This licensed system provides apps and templates for you to facilitate high-profit meetings with your clients. The apps give you step-by-step guidance for facilitating different sorts of meetings that help clients gain strategic insights. A license to the Complete Advisory Solution gives you every tool you need to provide services that open many new doors for your firm. The licensed system is designed for accountants with no prior training in Business Advisory Services. If you can do a tax return, you can do this, because our step-by-step materials guide you through the entire process.  Uncover the hidden potential in your firm!

How licensing works  

The Complete Advisory Solution is a licensed suite of tools – scripts and meeting agendas – that you’ll use at every step of the way in delivering Business Advisory Services. The license entitles you to use branded marketing materials, tutorials and programs to guide your every step. These meeting-facilitation tools enable you to better understand clients' and prospects' aspirations and business drivers. This opens the door for advisory projects without a “hard-sell,” delivers value and impresses clients.

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The benefits to you

Accountants are considered to be the most trusted business professionals, according to surveys. That high level of trust enables you to move beyond traditional accounting services and position yourself as a Strategic Business Advisor. Offering quality Business Advisory Services will ensure the long-term success of your client relationships.

Helping clients achieve their goals is always a mutually beneficial situation, but in particular, there are several reasons why firms are adopting the Complete Advisory Solution:

  • Increase accounting firm profits. Business advisory engagements produce additional revenue streams and are more profitable than traditional, tax-based accounting services.
  • Differentiate to charge higher fees. Firms that offer more relevant services can justify higher rates. Stop leaving money on the table, command the rates you deserve by offering a higher level of service, and land more "A-List" clients.
  • Strengthen client relationships. Help a client achieve greater success and you earn a client for life. Business Advisory Services using the Complete Advisory Solution help you forge richer relationships with clients and also enhance referrals from happy customers.

Other benefits:

  • Truly differentiating your firm
  • Gaining a proven process to win quality clients and increase client spending with your firm
  • Expanding your advisory services to include strategy and performance planning
  • Mitigating compliance pricing pressures
  • Doing the sort of interesting work that is valued by clients
  • Being in control of the future by using a step-by-step advisory process

The Complete Advisory Solution is low risk with high upside and ROI starting immediately. It’s intuitive, easy to use, flexible, high-tech and with interactive features to WOW clients.

To find out how to get a license or get more information and see the Complete Advisory Solution in action, please call (317) 550-5311. Email:

Getting Started

The Complete Advisory Solution is proven in use with thousands of clients worldwide. To find out more about a license and see how you can use this proven approach, please contact us and arrange a brief online demonstration or an exploratory meeting. At your own pace and in a way that suits your firm, we can start helping and supporting you to:

  • Truly differentiate your firm
  • Win quality new clients
  • Engage with clients and increase client spending with your firm.

You choose the pace at which you integrate The Complete Advisory Solution into your firm, and return on investment begins immediately.

To find out how to get a license or get more information and see the Complete Advisory Solution in action please call (317) 550-5311.