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Successful accountants are becoming trusted business advisors with year-round client engagement. Don’t get left behind.

Increase revenue without hard selling.

Become your client’s most trusted advisor.

Enjoy stimulating work that garners high fees.

Simple step-by-step procedures for success.

Technology is changing the way CPA firms do business. Successful accountants are becoming trusted business advisors, not only tax preparers.

Our Complete Advisory Solution will transform your business, engage clients year-round, and help you achieve your goals.

Add Business Advisory Services to your CPA firm.

What is the Complete Advisory Solution?

A simple and effective system
Easy-to-use and strategically focused, The Complete Advisory Solution is a well-designed system that helps your company reach its full potential.

Innovative solutions
The Complete Advisory Solution provides targeted strategies in advising services that will position you as an industry leader.

Grow your business to its full potential
Join the revolution in business advising and learn how to give your clients a wide spectrum of services to boost your business.

Transform your firm
The Complete Advisory Solution will help secure your future success.

CAS Changed the Way We Do Business


Andrew Rhodes

Managing Partner

Strategic Growth – “Using CAS has been one of the most important and successful investments we’ve ever made. It’s a major factor in how we acquire new clients and differentiate ourselves.”

Anthony Casey


Client Relationships – “Our primary focus is on building value and trust into the relationships we forge with clients. Using CAS provides the collaborative approach and transparency that clients definitely enjoy.”

Alan Thompson

Business Advisor

Proven Success – “We have been CAS licensees for over 8 years. The tools and approaches invariably generate significant consulting work for us.”

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Business Advisory News

Advisory Demands the WHOLE OF CLIENT approach

Advisory Demands the WHOLE OF CLIENT approach

Planning for positive change and why people do what they do (or don’t) is fundamental to advisory services.   Your clients have both personal and business goals.  Over time you should assist the client in achieving both business and personal goals.  Of course, success...

Advisory – Being Seen as Indispensable

Advisory – Being Seen as Indispensable

Being seen by a client as indispensable has at its core two factors: the client’s perception that you understand their most important things and that you are key to helping them achieve them and stay on track. Success is a perception that varies with individuals. For...

I’m your client – Our Relationship is Important!

I’m your client – Our Relationship is Important!

In order to effectively engage with clients, the following are key ingredients of the relationship: Trust Quality communication Ongoing valuable benefits to both persons and aiming for the classic win: win Regular framing of the relationship. Mutually agreed...

Advisory Services:  You Need Innovation and a Plan

Advisory Services: You Need Innovation and a Plan

Many, or most, practitioners and firms talk about increasing revenues generated through an advisory services practice. But so, few are actually making progress. There are a host of real and perceived “roadblocks”. If a firm of any size wants to make meaningful...

The Magic of a Whole Client Approach

The Magic of a Whole Client Approach

We all want a ‘whole’ client not a ‘partial client’. A whole client is one who is totally engaged with us as their accountants. Unfortunately, too often we accept half a client or a quarter of a client who discuss just some of their needs and wants with us. We need to...

What Do My Clients Really Want?

What Do My Clients Really Want?

Most of us believe we have the answers to our clients’ most pressing questions, but we often miss the mark on nailing what our clients really want. We think they want advice on how to: make more money establish a successful business gain more clients While those...

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