Become A Business Advisor

The Complete Advisory Solution (CAS) delivers a suite of client-engagement and business-development tools, processes, and materials to enable accountants to differentiate themselves and develop new advisory revenue streams.

We all know that the best way to grow a business is by securing more work from existing clients because the relationship already exists – no hard selling required.

Uncover the hidden potential in your firm! Our licensed system provides step-by-step guidance for high-profit meetings with your clients.

Benefits for You

  • Win new clients through differentiation and innovative prospecting approaches
  • Increase client spend through structured proactive business advisory services
  • Nurture client relationships and enhance client retention by quality engagement

Accountants are considered to be the most trusted business professionals. That high level of trust enables you to move beyond traditional accounting services and position yourself as a Strategic Business Advisor. Offering quality Business Advisory Services will ensure the long-term success of your client relationships.

With a CAS license, you and your firm can:

  • Gain a Comprehensive Strategic Role: CAS enables an enjoyable role as a strategic business advisor with your clients. You will have a central advisory role and will be seen by clients as indispensable to their successful future and the achievement of their goals.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Using CAS, you will enjoy true differentiation in your market place. You will win quality new clients with innovative and impressive discovery approaches that avoid a hard sale.
  • Develop New Revenue Streams: With CAS you will develop new non-compliance revenue streams. Clients actually value what you do for them and are happy to pay for it! You are able to leverage best practice and involve and develop other members of the wider team, with access to the tools, using the best engagement techniques.

Benefits for Your Clients

Your clients will appreciate the engaging approach and sound counsel:

Understanding: You can easily demonstrate to the client your interest and understanding of their business and their goals. Clients enjoy the interactivity and collaborative approach.

Proactivity: CAS demonstrates the proactivity clients demand. They receive a full copy of everything from every meeting which provides a high degree of transparency.

In for the long haul: CAS has a strategic big picture approach that is all about them and their resilience. They then see that their advisor is there for them and on the journey with them.

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You choose the pace at which you integrate The Complete Advisory Solution into your firm, and return on investment begins immediately.

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The essential guide

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